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ZTE Warp

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SKU: N860
The full touch screen ZTE Warp features a 4.3-inch display with striking resolution for viewing movies, games and other multimedia. With its chipset and memory configuration, the smartphone supports everyday functions and multitasking as well as data-intensive applications. The ZTE Warp also includes a five megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash for user-friendly point-and-shoot photography. The display glass is Corning® Gorilla® .
The full touch screen ZTE Warp features a 4.3-inch display with striking resolution for viewing movies, games and other multimedia. With its chipset and memory configuration, the smartphone supports everyday functions and multitasking as well as data-intensive applications. The ZTE Warp also includes a five megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash for user-friendly point-and-shoot photography. The display glass is Corning® Gorilla® .
Type Smartphone
Form Factor Candy Bar
Height 4.96"
Width 2.67"
Depth 0.45"
Weight 5.3 oz
Color Black
Physical Size 4.3”
Resolution: Width 480
Resolution: Height 800
Technology WVGA TFT
Display Corning® Gorilla®
Main Resolution 5.0 MP
Camera Features LED flash and digital zoom
Video Capture VGA
CPU 1GHZ QualcommMSM8655
Capacity 1600mA
Talk Time* About 5 hours
Standby Time* Up to 9 days and 9 hours
Internal 4GB eMMC + 512MBRAM
Expandable Support microSD card, max. capacity 32GB
Frequencies CDMA1x DoRA BC0/BC1
Bluetooth 2.1
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Headset Jack 3.5mm
Audio Format MP3/AAC/AAC+/MPEG4/H.263/H.264
Hearing Aid Compliance M4/T4

Customer Reviews

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Boost bait & switch Sprint for your wallet Review by Carl
I was pleased to find the $29.99 deal on the site for moving a phone # to the new phone. The web site said nothing about it not being available for Sprint phones. Now they want to charge us 79.95 for the phone. Or $179 for the phone to take to a different supplier. By the way it's not an unlocked phone. By the way techs at Boost aren't allowed to forward customer issues to Sprint, sounds just like ATT lousy customer service. Hope Boost clears this SNAFU up with proper customer service. (Posted on 7/19/2016)
Phone great; instruction booklet sucks! Review by Leslie
PLUS: The phone is very cool.Good size, good resolution.Lots of nice features.
Negative: camera button is right where most people would hold phone. Makes for lots of photos of nothing!Volumn NOT very loud!:(
Biggest problem is in trying to USE phone. Almost everything you want to KNOW, you have to figure out yourself or call/email tech support! Missing VITAL info from booklet: how to set up voicemail; camera details, impt stuff! Thank goodness ZTE support is so nice! I prefer to read this info, but at least I got it! If this is NOT your first smartphone you'll probably know some of this stuff, but I didn't. If ZTE support had NOT come through,I would have had to return phone, which I am glad I did NOT have to do!This is a great phone for the cost. (Posted on 10/30/2014)

2 Item(s)

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Support Overview

Check out the latest support materials here for your device.

Download user manuals, read FAQs, and upgrade your device's software.

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    What files should I back-up?

    Call history, contacts, MMS, SMS, pictures, video, personal settings and so on, some tools also can totally back-up SD card, and you just need to select the items that you want to back-up.

    How do I use inputting method after installing it?

    You need to select the input method that you installed inSettings—Language& keyboard settingsafter you installed the input method. When you enabled the input method, you need to hold the inputting box in anywhere you can input the words, then you can change the input method

    Can I set alarm for powering off with ZTE WARP handset?

    No, you can’t.

    How to move or delete the icons on the desktop

    Hold the icon that u want to move for at least 2 second, then you will feel that the handset is slightly shaking, which means you have selected the icon, you can pull this icon to new place and place it to trash on the lower of screen, then the icon is deleted. This operation can also move the icon from menu to desktop.

    How can I back-up or restore contacts in Android handset?

    Press “Menu in contacts, then select “back-up/ restore contacts. Then a dialog box will appear which includes:Export contacts, import contacts, back-up contacts data, restore contacts files, delete specific contacts and empty contacts. When you want to back-up the previous contacts which are stored in SD card, just select “import contacts” then handset will pop out all contacts copy items in SD card. You just need import contacts at this time.

    How to forward message with ANDROID handset

    Please hold message that you want to forward for 2 seconds, and then a menu will appear, you can check the forwarded item in menu.
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    How to lighten up screen when the ZTE WARP is in standby time

    Press power key to lighten up screen, in order to prevent accidently lightening up the screen and save standby time, we haven’t set any key awaking function.

    How can I customize desktop arrange and desktop wallpaper?

    In normal standby status, hold the blank of home screen for about 2 seconds, then a selection list will appear, such as: wallpaper, widgets and so on.
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    Can I set message ringtone with ANDROID handset?

    First please enter into message interface, click Menu key, click setting, and “Select ringtone” interface will appear, then you can set message ringtone by selecting ringtone.
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    What’s the configuration of Bluetooth with ZTE WARP handset?

    Bluetooth 2.1, Bluetooth stereo player.

    How many Bluetooth devices can Blade handset connect with? How many Bluetooth devices can the handset transfer data with?

    Theoretically there is no limit for connected Bluetooth device, but the handset can transfer data with only one Bluetooth device.

    Can WIFI disconnect when handset is in sleeping mode?

    Yes, WIFI will automatically disconnect when handset is in sleeping mode, but it will connect to original access point, by this way, it can efficiently save the power, and this project is promoted by WIFI chips supplier.

    Why can’t I install driver with XP non-administrative permission account?

    This is the limit of Micro software, not the driver problem of ZTE, and we can’t amend

    Do I need to install driver when I connect the ZTE WARP handset with computer as U disk?

    No, you don’t.

    How could I transfer data of ZTE WARP handset via Bluetooth?

    Please enter intoSettings–Wireless & Network-Bluetooth, connect your handset with another one, select the file that you need to transfer, then click menu key and select Bluetooth to send the file.

    Why the handset produces data traffic when I open the data connection of ZTE WARP handset?

    The data traffic will be indeed produced when you open data connection, because handset will automatically connect to network server and they are interrelated. When you open data connection, handset need to send request to network server first, and only network server gets confirmation information after received request can it build connection with handset. This interactive will result in producing data flow. But the data flow will not be too much; generally it’s only few KB or scores of KB. Besides, the handset flow statistic data is just for reference, the detail flow data should subject to operator’s statistic.

    How can I use Wi-Fi?

    1:Enter “Setting”—“Wireless and network”—“Wi-Fi setting” 2:Mark WI-FI as checked,then handset will start to automatically search Wi-Fi signal, handset willdisplay the searched signal in present interface. 3:Click item that you want to connect 4:Input correct password if you have password 5:Handset prompt connected, and the icon of WI-FI will appear in the place where shows signal and power, then you can use WI-FI to log in Internet.

    How to clean system junk

    After using handset for a long time, it is not easy to avoid some system junk data. The junk data of ANDROID is mainly from cache, but browser caching and MARKET network store caching are the most. Here are the steps for cleaning junk data: (1)Enter “Setting”——“Application program”——“Manage application program” find the browser, click to enter. Then you can clean 6.97MB cache, and clean is finished. (2)Continue cleaning junk data in MARKET caching and MARKET caching is decreased, (3)Cleaning cache data of above two programs will not make any unstable influence, everyone can take easy to clean, but please do not clean other data of programs by mistake, you just only need to clean browser and MARKET.

    How to restore factory setting

    You can solve many troubles by restoring factory mode. OpenSettings—Privacy—Restore factory setting. After you selected reset handset, handset will prompt you to confirm the operation, click OK, and then the handset will restart after finished resetting.

    Why my mobile phone can’t connect to computer?

    1. Check whether you have already installed driver in your computer;
    2. Please check: SettingsàApplicationsàDevelopmentàUSB debugging whether selected; 3. Restart mobile phone and re-connect to computer.

    Why my mobile phone can’t go on internet?

    1. Check whether your SIM card support suffering Internet, and whether there is enough money to surfer internet?
    2. Check: SettingsàWireless & networksàMobile networksàData enabled whether selected. 3. Check whether the wireless signal is OK.
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    Software & Apps

    Can I view the files in the newly-built notepad through handset file manager? Can I export the files to computer?

    You cannot save the information of Notebook as the file, and you cannot export it to other memory device.

    After I set handset default browser as the third part of browser installed by myself, how could I change to original built-in browser?

    Enter intoSettings--Application programs—find the third party browser, then clickclear defaults.

    Could I install application programs in T card of ZTE WARP handset?


    How could I move the application programs from handset memory to SD card for better saving the handset memory?

    You can enter intoSettings—Application programs—Manage programs—All, find the programs that you need to move, then click Move to SD card, by this way, you can better saving the handset memory.

    What’s the special feature of Android handset compared with common handset?

    Android adopts touch screen technology, it supports video, audio, HD image and Wi-Fi wireless high speed network access technology and other technologies, and it integrates Google map, Gmail and other application software. Besides, Android platform also can preset one advanced handset browser. Google has already published Android software developing tool kit (SDK); the purpose is to attract outer developer to develop large amount of application software for Android. After the quantity of Android application software increased, it will also drive quantity of Android handset users to get increased.

    Does Android belong to Linux operation system?

    Strictly speaking, Android doesn’t belong to Linux operation system, it runs based on core of Linux2.6.The levels of Android system can be distributed like this, the bottom is Linux, the middle is virtual machine of java called Dalvik, and the top is time library of Android. Application software of Android system is java software running based on Linux, and dalvik is runs in Linux. Therefore, android is just the operating system running based on Linux, but not one Linux version.

    What is the “Android Market”?

    Android Market is an “Opening information distribution system”,it’s helpful for the terminal users who use Android operating system handset to search, purchase, download and install diversity of contents. Differ with the Microsoft platform and Apple platform, Android Market can provide diversified contents, including both the content from every medium company and the programs from spare-time developer.

    What is APK?

    APK is shorten for Android Package, that is Android installation package (anapk)。APK is similar with Symbian Sis file format or Sisx file format. It can be installed yy directly transferring APK file to Android emulator or Android handset to perform. Same with sis, apk can also pack android sdk compiled project as an installation program with apk format. In fact APK file is in zip format,but the suffix nameis amended as apk, after zipped by UnZip, Dex file can be found, and Dex is the full name of Dalvik VM executes, that is Android Dalvik performing program, not byte code of Java ,but byte code of Dalvik.

    What’s the meaning of Root?

    Root is a license for using system, it’s the highest license, once you have root you can change the internal system file. In order to prevent software to change system file (virus), Android system hid the root license, which means system file generally cannot be changed.

    How to install program to my Android handset

    You can copy the application program of APK to T card, then select the APK files, and click Install. Or you can use 91 handset assistant “for Android” on the new published 91 handset website

    How to uninstall the program from Android handset

    Please click “MENU”---“Setting”---“Application program”---“Manage application program” on the desktop ---find the program you want to delete, then click unload. Please don’t uninstall the system files programs in handset.

    How to check the present running task of handset, and how can I close the task?

    Open main menu, select “Task Manager”,enter “Task Manager” to check present running task of handset, and close the unnecessary task.

    How to use the handset to purchase the third party handset software

    You can visit program store by built-in application program of Google handset, the purpose is to make outer developer promptly upload the third application program in time.

    How to check the version of Google handset

    Enter into setting menu; click About Phone, then user can check the relevant handset information.

    Why my mobile phone enters into FTM mode when I power on, and after the handset entered into this mode, I can’t power off again?

    During power on, and at the same time, Press Volume key of down, and then the mobile phone will enter FTM mode. And maybe by your mistake you press Volume of down key, and don’t worried, please kindly take off your battery, and then plug in again, press Power On key, and you can power on again.
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    I already set screen lock with pattern, and why I can’t unlock screen when I enter correct locking pattern?

    And there is a bug for the OS about Screen unlock that it maybe lose the security pattern or password, at this condition, you should update the software.


    ZTE Warp Basics Guide (English - PDF - 39.3MB)

    Download Basics Guide

    Software Updates

    ZTE Warp Online Upgrade Tool Introduction (English - PDF - 1.3MB)

    Download Online Upgrade Tool Introduction

    ZTE Warp Online Upgrade Tool (EXE - 13.8MB)

    Download Online Upgrade Tool

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