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ZTE Valet™

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SKU: z665c
The ZTE Valet™ is a 3G Android Jelly Bean candy bar with 3.5” capacitive touch screen multi touch and Google browser. Offering Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a Qualcomm chipset enough to make your internet high-speed. ZTE Valet™ comes with a 3.0MP camera, an expandable memory including a 4GB MicroSD card. ZTE Valet™ supports GPS, browse the internet, take memorable pictures, send SMS, MMS, IM, and emails. Sold at Wal-Mart stores with no contract and unlimited data.
The ZTE Valet™ is a 3G Android Jelly Bean candy bar with 3.5” capacitive touch screen multi touch and Google browser. Offering Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a Qualcomm chipset enough to make your internet high-speed. ZTE Valet™ comes with a 3.0MP camera, an expandable memory including a 4GB MicroSD card. ZTE Valet™ supports GPS, browse the internet, take memorable pictures, send SMS, MMS, IM, and emails. Sold at Wal-Mart stores with no contract and unlimited data.
Type Smartphone
Form Factor Candy Bar
Height 4.65"
Width 2.46"
Depth 0.48"
Weight 4.57 oz
Color Black and Silver Frame
Physical Size 3.5"
Resolution: Width 320
Resolution: Height 480
Technology TFT Haptic Touch w/ virtual QWERTY
OS Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Main Resolution 3.0MP
Camera Features Zoom
Video Capture 2048 x 1536
CPU 1.0 GHz Qualcomm MSM7625A
Capacity 1500 mAh
Talk Time* Up to 6 hours
Standby Time* Up to 15 days
Internal 4GB ROM, 512MB RAM
Expandable MicroSD, up to 32GB
Frequencies CDMA 800/1900
Bluetooth 3.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Mobile Hotspot No
GPS Available
Headset Jack 3.5mm
Video Format H.263, H.264, MPEG-4
Features SMS, MMS, IM, Email
Hearing Aid Compliance M4/T4
Text Telephone (TTY) Compatibility Yes

Customer Reviews

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SLOW! Review by r
This phone gives a whole new meaning to the word slow.
I find it impossible to get to my account on Tracfone. (Posted on 5/12/2017)
Good stater smartphone. Review by NatsumeAshikaga
Pros: Good starter smartphone, very low price point, works well with my service provider. Set up was a breeze, it worked nicely right out of the box. Very lightweight on startup, not a lot of pre-installed apps to deal with. Also really compact, fits easily in most any pocket.

Cons: Small screen size, low memory, not much processor power, small wifi antenna.

Other thoughs: People complain about the wifi.. But the nearest access point to me is provided by the apartment complex and is over 100ft away, through many solid objects. Still I get a good strong wifi signal on the phone. Sometimes the GUI locks up, but this is easily avoided by rebooting the phone on a regular basis, at least once a week. The battery life can be a bit short if you run high demand apps like games, but it's not too short, I can usually pull six hours, or more, when putting the phone under intense demand,

Overall: I got the phone for only 10 dollars, for the price it's a fantastic value and it works well. I'd rate it 5 stars, but the low memory is just a bit too much of an issue. It's a good phone, especially for the price, but just doesn't quite score top marks. (Posted on 5/23/2016)
zte valet Review by john
good (Posted on 2/14/2016)
help with cell Review by russell
I been having trouble with it need help or new phone ? (Posted on 10/10/2015)
was good-now is not Review by jean
trash can do not buy Review by George
I have a zte valet for about a 1yr. When I first got it was not bad. Now it sucks. It throws up more error codes like email had stop google plus has stop you name it. Now a factory reset will not work. It is junk (Posted on 9/16/2015)
This phone sucks Review by Stray
Constantly locks up. I can make calls but can not hang up because the screen goes blank. Doesn't always open text messages. Runs super slow. I will NEVER buy another ZTE product (Posted on 3/3/2015)
Screen and Power Problems Review by David
I have had the ZTE Tracphone for about a year.
As many others have reported, the screen occasionally locks up and only removing the battery will reset. The phone appears to be otherwise functional and will receive calls but cannot answer.
A second problem is battery will completely discharge overnight even though there was lots of battery life the previous evening.
These problems appear approx. once per month with no indication of why.
Apart from this phone is fine although wifi is a bit weak. (Posted on 2/20/2015)
Very Happy with it Review by Bobbi
I just bought this phone on 1-8-15 and I really like it. This phone is an upgrade from my Motorala W379G dumb phone so I guess one could say I moved from the stone age to the digital age.
After reading some of the negative reviews I am scratching my head as to why. I have had no problems connecting to my WiFi here at home, I have had no problems with the phone or screen locking up and as far as the OS I like Android 4.1.
Maybe some of you so load up the phone with apps it can not handle all of them and that causes the phone and or the screen to lock up.
It is a very good basic smart phone and that is really all this 62 year old girl needs.
If someone asked me about the phone I would tell them what I think of it and that is it is a good phone and remember this "Nothing is Perfect". (Posted on 1/10/2015)
Good entry smartphone Review by Tim
I bought this phone during a sale and figured that even though I had hardly heard of ZTE I would give it a go. The phone has held up well as I have used it as a work phone. The Valet is a good starter phone and comes with a good version of Android. The camera is basic, but for surfing the net and checking on your social media accounts its great and simple. To top it off it does really well as a phone too! Overall a good entry level smart phone, well worth a go or for family members who are new-ish to the smartphone realm. (Posted on 11/21/2014)

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Support Overview

Check out the latest support materials here for your device.

Download user manuals, read FAQs, and upgrade your device's software.

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    How can I back up my data?

    You can back up your data with your Google account or you can use third party PC software.

    How can I back up and restore contacts on the phone? How can I add, edit, or delete contacts in a batch?

    Here are two ways: 1. You can sync with your internet Gmail account. Touch the menu key at the lower right of the phone, touch "System settings", then scroll down and touch "Backup & Reset" under PERSONAL. Put a check in the box for "Backup my data". (If you haven't already set up your phone with your Gmail account or you don't already have an account, choose Gmail on the applications screen and follow the prompts.) 2. You can Import/Export between the internal phone memory and the SD card. In People (Contacts), touch the menu key at the bottom right of the phone, touch "Import/export", then choose to export to or import from the SD card.

    How can I share my contacts with another phone?

    In the "People" (Contacts) application, touch the Menu key at the bottom right of the phone, then choose "Multi-Select" from the menu. Select the contact(s) you want to share, touch "Share" and then one of any of the following: "Bluetooth", "Email", "Gmail", or "Messaging".

    How can I install applications onto my phone?

    Since the Android operating system is an open-source operating system, you can directly search for and download compatible applications from the Play Store application.

    How can I install applications onto the SD card?

    There are two ways to install applications to the SD card: 1. First install an application from the Play Store. Its installation directory will be in phone memory. Move the application to the SD card by going to Settings, scroll down and touch "Apps" under DEVICE, touch the newly installed application, then touch "Move to SD card". 2. You can install applications directly to the SD card using third party software. Note 1: Not all applications can be moved to the SD card. Note 2: After it has been moved, there will still be a few program files left in the ROM of the phone. Note 3: Regarding third party PC software, please contact your software supplier for more details.

    How can I install applications from computer to phone?

    To install applications from a computer to your phone (including MicroSD card), you can use the following methods: 1.Copy the application that you want to install to the MicroSD card (.apk format), then open File Manager to find it and run the application by tapping on its name. 2. You can install applications through third party PC software (contact your software supplier for more details). After connecting the phone to the computer and the phone is detected by the PC software, you can directly install the application.

    How can I uninstall an application?

    Open Settings, then scroll down and touch "Apps" under DEVICE. Touch the application that you want to delete, then touch "Uninstall". Please note that the system programs cannot be uninstalled.
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    How can I have my music file be my incoming call ringtone or my notification ringtone?

    First copy an MP3 file to the SD card. Locate the file in File Manager, touch the bottom right corner of it to bring up a menu, scroll down and touch "Set audio as", then choose either "Phone ringtone" or "Notification ringtone".

    How can I set a specific ringtone, music file or sound recording for a certain contact in my phone?

    Open the contact in the People (contacts) application, touch "Edit", then scroll down and touch ringtone. You can then choose from the list of ringtones that is displayed or you can touch "MUSIC" or "RECORD" at the top of the screen to display your music files or sound recordings and choose from those.

    How can I quickly quiet an incoming call and enable vibration?

    Press the volume down key down all the way until the phone vibrates and the icon changes. Another way is to press the power key until a pop up menu is displayed and you can choose vibrate or silent mode there.
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    Where are the pictures and videos taken with the camera saved?

    Open the File Manager application. Drop down the menu at the top left of the screen and choose the external SD card memory or the internal phone memory. Touch the folder named "DCIM" and then "Camera".

    How can I use the phone as a USB drive? How can I export photos stored on the SD card to a PC?

    1. Connect your phone to your personal computer with a USB data cable. You'll see the driver automatically being installed on the PC. 2. On the phone, select "Media device (MTP)" from the menu that appears. 3. You'll see a menu appear on your computer. If you choose "Open device to view files using Windows Explorer", you'll see "Z665C" displayed in Windows Explorer. Now you can drag and drop files, including pictures, between your PC and the phone using Windows Explorer. For MAC OS you can go to www.android.com/filetransfer to read the information you need for transferring.
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    How can I save battery power and maximize standby time?

    You can turn off some things you aren't using that use up power. 1. You can disable the data connection to prevent producing unnecessary network traffic when you don't need to connect to the internet. Open Settings, touch "Mobile networks", then uncheck the box for "Data enabled". 2. You can turn off the automatic synchronization of your email account(s). To do this, open Settings, scroll down to ACCOUNTS and touch the account category. Touch the name of the account whose sync settings you wish to change and then uncheck the appropriate box. 3. You can disable GPS by opening Settings, then scroll down and touch "Location Services" under PERSONAL and uncheck "GPS satellites". 4. You can disable applications which you don't use very frequently, thus saving power, releasing memory and improving the running speed of applications. To stop an application that is running in the background, open Settings, scroll down and touch "Apps" under DEVICE, touch the name of the application and then "Force stop". 5. You can stop the LED from blinking when there are missed calls or unread messages. To do this, in Settings touch "Display" and uncheck "Pulse notification light". 6. You can prevent the browser from displaying pictures. In the browser, touch the menu key at the bottom right of the screen, touch "Settings", then "Bandwidth management", and then uncheck the box next to "Load images".
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    How can I connect to WiFi?

    Open Settings and slide the WiFi button to ON. Next, touch "WiFi" and it will automatically look for available networks. Select the desired wireless network, input the password if needed and touch Connect.

    Will the phone switch to network mode if the WiFi signal disappears?

    Will the phone switch to network mode if the WiFi signal disappears?

    How can I turn on data so that I can log in to the internet?

    First, please make sure you have data in your plan with your mobile phone carrier. Open Settings, touch "Data usage" under WIRELESS & NETWORKS, then slide the on/off button next to "Mobile data" to ON.

    How can I transfer files to another mobile phone over Bluetooth?

    First, turn on Bluetooth in Settings and pair with the other phone. Next, open the File Manager application and locate the file(s) that you want to transfer. Touch the menu key in the lower right of the phone to pop up a menu, touch Multi-Select, select the file(s), touch Share, then touch Bluetooth and follow the prompts.

    Why is my phone not being detected by other devices even though I have Bluetooth turned on?

    In Settings, touch "Bluetooth" and then make sure there is a checkmark in the checkbox for "Visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices".


    ZTE Valet User Manual (English - PDF - 3.08MB)


    ZTE Valet User Manual (Spanish - PDF - 2.76MB)


    ZTE Valet Quick Start Guide (English - PDF - 3.17MB)


    ZTE Valet Quick Start Guide (Spanish- PDF - 3.25MB)


    Software Updates

    Heartbleed Guide - English

    Download Tool

    Heartbleed Guide - Spanish

    Download Tool

    Heartbleed Fix Update [Z665C]


    Contact Support

    If you have questions about how to use ZTE mobile devices or your device needs repair services, please contact our services hotline or email for more information.

    Service Hotline: 877-817-1759
    Hotline Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am - 9pm (CST)
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