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ZTE Score™ M

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SKU: X500M
ZTE Score™M allows you to enjoy the latest in Smartphone technology with enhanced Google™ features and functions, all at an affordable price. The Android™ market currently has more free apps than any other operating system. Check out the high-end features and get started today with your ZTE Score™ M experience!
ZTE Score™M allows you to enjoy the latest in Smartphone technology with enhanced Google™ features and functions, all at an affordable price. The Android™ market currently has more free apps than any other operating system. Check out the high-end features and get started today with your ZTE Score™ M experience!
Type Smartphone
Form Factor Candy Bar
Height 4.40"
Width 2.44"
Depth 0.53"
Weight 4.8 oz
Color Black
Physical Size 3.5"
Technology HVGA TFT Capacitive Touch
Main Resolution 3.2 MP
Video Capture Camcorder
CPU 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7627
Capacity 1500 mAh
Internal Flash RAM 100 MB – Pooled Memory. Internal 512 MB
Expandable Micro SD, Up to 32 GB
Frequencies CDMA 1X: RTT/EVDO rev A Cell/PCS/AWS
Bluetooth 2.1
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Headset Jack 3.5mm
Audio Format MP3, AAC, AAC+
Video Format MPEG4, H.263, H.264
Features SMS, MMS, Threaded View, Predictive Text Input (XT9). Email: IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange
Hearing Aid Compliance M4/T3
Text Telephone (TTY) Compatibility Yes

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The worst android any one could buy Review by Cameron
This phone breaks all the time I've bought 6 different Zte scores and my Zte won't charge. (Posted on 10/26/2014)

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Support Overview

Check out the latest support materials here for your device.

Download user manuals, read FAQs, and upgrade your device's software.

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    How to turn on/off the X500M Smart Phone

    Long press the Power key until the power-on animation appears; under the power-on status, long press the Power key and confirm to turn it off.

    How to restore the factory settings in the X500M Smart Phone

    In standby mode---Menu key---settings---privacy---Factory data reset (personal data). Please be careful when choosing.

    How to switch language of the X500M smart phone

    In standby mode---Menu key---settings---language & keyboard---select language---switch language.

    What kind of input methods does the X500M Smart Phone support? How do we switch the input method?

    The phone supportsAndroid keyboard and XT9 text input method. Long press “Type to compose”, tap “Input method” under “Edit text” and then select “Android keyboard” or “XT9 Text Input”.

    How to switch to sleep mode in the X500M Smart Phone

    After entering the standby mode for a while, the phone will automatically switch to the sleep mode; or you can press the Power key to turn off the screen and enter the sleep mode.

    How to backup data for users

    If the operators have customized PC-side software, then users can directly backup the data through PC-side software; if not, users can generally backup and restore the data through the third-party software.

    What kind of data do users need to backup

    Call logs, contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, photos, videos, personal settings, etc. Users can also backup the items in SD card completely through some tools, and select to confirm the backup items.

    How to light up the screen as the X500M Smart Phone is in idle mode

    Simply press the Power key to light up the screen. In order to avoid the accidental light-up caused by inadvertent operations and prolong the standby time, any key wakeup function is not realized.

    Does the X500M Smart Phone have a short-range sensor? What are the major functions?

    Yes, it does. The sensor is mainly used to automatically turn off the LCD screen to save the battery power and prolong the battery’s using time during the calls.

    How to use the input methods after installing them

    After installing the input methods, go to Settings > Language & Keyboard to enable the installed input method. After that, long press the text input area in any interface to change the input method.

    How to set up an E-Mail account

    Generally, customer just need to input username and password then can log in email, otherwise will turn to setting interface requested. First please input username and password, then click Manual Setup going to account types setting interface. Second please choose the account type, for example POP3, and make attention to POP3 server, the Port number, and security type, the setting parameter maybe differ due to different email provider,ensure the parameter are correct, then click NEXT go into Sent Server, also need setting parameter of SMTP Server\Port\Security type, after all click NEXT log in the E-mail.

    How to synchronize contact with G-mail account

    Settings ---Account & Sync, if the customer has a G-Mail account added in their mobile device, click account and choose "sync" item. If not, the customer needs to add a G-mail account first.

    How to use the Voice Dialer

    Running the Voice Dialer and call the person or number, also you can learn voice order in the interface.

    How to delete browser history

    Go into browser, click Android menu, choose more---->Setting---->Clear history.

    How to save multimedia files to SD card from MMS

    Cell phone’s default already saves to sdcard\mms\scrapSpace path below.

    How to setting blacklist

    It does not.
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    What is the display size of the X500M LCD, its resolutions and pixels?

    1. ' TFT, 320x480, 260K
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    How to set up personal ringtone & message ringtone

    In standby mode---Menu key---settings---sound---setting up volume,phone ringtone,Notification ringtone,and you can add the MP3 as the phone ringtone from Music on the Menu.

    Does the X500M Smart Phone need to insert SD card during a call when using recording function?

    Yes, it does.
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    Does the X500M Smart Phone support a front-facing camera?

    No, it does not.

    Does the X500M Smart Phone support photograph at regular time?

    No, it does not.
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    How much memory does the X500M Smart Phone have?

    512MB Flash + 512MB RAM

    Does the X500M Smart Phone support SD card upgrade?

    Yes. For details, please refer to the guide documents that ZTE provided.

    What is the maximum capacity of SD card that the X500M Smart Phone supports?

    The maximum capacity of SD card that the X500 can support is up to 32GB.

    The nominal internal memory of the X500M Smart Phone is 512MB, but the actual visible capacity is 112MB. What’s the cause?

    The end-users will find that only 112MB of 512MB is available as they check the internal memory of the Android phones through Task Manager. This confuses a lot of users.As a matter of fact, one of the causes is that Android operating system itself occupies some memory space. Besides, the preset software and applications also occupy some used memory space, and this varies according to the actual situations. That’s the cause of inconsistency between the RAM and its nominal memory.
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    What are the theoretical standby time and talk time of the X500M Smart Phone?

    Standby time: 260 hours (10.83 days) & Talk time: 260 minutes (4.33 hours). The above theoretical values may vary regarding the networks.
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    Which frequency band does the X500M Smart Phone support?


    How to open the U disk function of the X500M Smart Phone

    Connect the phone to the PC through the data cable. As “USB connected” appears at the top of LCD, use your fingers to pull down the top, tap “USB connection” and then select “Mount USB”.

    Does the X500M Smart Phone supports flash-player?

    No, it does not.

    How to use Bluetooth on the X500M Smart Phone

    Setting up a Wi-Fi network is quite simple, and can be done in about 2 minutes from your device 1)  Open up the settings on the device 2)  Go to Wireless &Networks 3)  If Wi-Fi is unchecked, tap the empty box to place a check 4)  If notification is unchecked, tap the empty box to place a check 5)  After scanning is complete, click on name of the network you want to connect to 6)  If there is a lock next to the signal you will need to enter a password 7)  Click Connect 8)  Your 3Gindicator should change and become a Wi-Fi icon indicating connection
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    Software & Apps

    Does the X500M Smart Phone support the expansion of JAVA applications?

    No, it does not.

    Can the ZTE X500M Smart Phone be upgraded from Android 2.2 operating system to Android 2.3?

    Currently, the X500M Smart Phone already uses Android 2.3 operating system. It does not need to upgrade.

    Comparing to its’ previous version, what improvements and characteristics does Android 2.3 operating system have?

    1. Large-scale improvement on the overall performance
    2. G network sharing
    3. Support Flash
    4. App2sd function
    5. Brand new application store
    6. Development of more Web application API interfaces

    How to upgrade the software version of the X500M Smart Phone

    We would upgrade the software through SD card or agency tool.

    Why can’t the driver be installed under a non-administrative account on a XP operating system?

    This is restricted by Microsoft, not by ZTE’s driver, ZTE can’t make any changes.

    Can a newly-created notepad file be viewed from File Manager? Can it be exported to the PC?

    Users can’t check the corresponding file in File Manager. This file is saved in the memory. And it can’t be exported to the PC.

    How to install applications into the SD card

    1. Settings---Applications----Manage Applications---choose the application downloaded--choose "Move to SD card"
    2. Download "App 2 SD" from Android Market, this application can auto detective the install location of application, and move the application to each other smoothly between mobile phone and SD.


    ZTE Score(TM) M User Guide (English - PDF - 650KB)

    Download User Guide

    ZTE Score(TM) M User Guide (Spanish - PDF - 745KB)

    Download User Guide

    Software Updates

    ZTE Score(TM) M Software Upgrade Instructions (English - PDF - 941KB)

    Download Instructions

    ZTE Score(TM) M Software Upgrade Tool (ZIP - 106MB)

    Download Software Upgrade Tool

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