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ZTE Axon 7

ZTE Axon 7

Product Review (submitted on January 2, 2017):
The phone is over all really good. The quality of the speakers still amaze me and the screen is beautiful.
The only problem that I'm having is charging. I would leave the phone plugged in for roughly a half an hour only to come back and see that the phone only charged like 5%. I've only used the charger that came in the box with the phone. I thought turning the phone off would help it charge faster but that didn't work.
I did notice that when I turned the phone off to charge that the percentage would change drastically so I let the phone charge for some more time and then turned it on an the percentage jumped again.
There was also a time when I was charging the phones and using it where the battery percentage jumped from around 50% to 75% out of no where. I actually took a screenshot of the chat that tells you the battery usage to make sure that I wasn't seeing things and it indeed the percentage jumped.
I don't know if this is some type of calibration issue or not but I have been looking though many different cites on how to fix the problem and they all lead me to using Advanced Battery Calibrator:

It didn't solve the problem at all because the phone still doesn't show the correct percentage as the phone is charging. The only way for me to know the actual percentage is for me to turn it on and off while its charging so the phone can display the correct percentage.
Hopefully this gets resolved in the update to android 7.0 because I really hate having to turn my phone on and off just to see if it's fully charged or not.