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ZTE Spro 2 (AT&T)

ZTE Spro 2 (AT&T)

Product Review (submitted on January 10, 2016):
I purchased my SPRO 2 several weeks ago from the AT&T SuperStore here in Scottsdale, Arizona. While the Verizon Store did NOT have the device on display, AT&T did & quite well - showcasing the SPRO 2's projection against a closeup screen that also gave customers the ability to move the device in all directors able to get a full perspective of the SPRO 2's laser equipped auto focus. Because AT&T presented and stocked the SPRO 2 better than Verizon, in addition to the research I conducted here on ZTE's site, I developed my understanding there was no difference between the AT&T SPRO 2 and the Verizon. A couple of days ago I came across the optional SPRO 2 Remote Control featured and sold separately only on ZTE's website for $29.99, luckily before making my purchase I entered a chat session thru the website interface, and the technical support specialist, Paul, informed me the Remote Control is only compatible on the Verizon SPRO 2, "NOT" the AT&T SPRO 2. He assured me it would not work. However, on ZTE's website and all the literature on the internet, it clearly states "The SPRO 2 Remote Control that works on ALL SPRO 2s?" Now I'm stuck with my AT&T device that is a little cumbersome having to always control the device through the touchscreen, which can be somewhat daunting when making important presentations, or even just navigating the projector while relaxing watching movies. At the same price point, I would definitely have purchased the Verizon SPRO 2. AT&T's return policy is 15 days, luckily Paul indicated that because my purchase was still under 30 days, ZTE would exchange the AT&T WiFi/LTE device with the Verizon SPRO 2 so that I can use the remote with the unit. I called the main 1-800# and customer service is in process of the transaction. Thanks Paul for your help!