1. 2-Year Limited Warranty Policy for the US Axon M Passport Program

The Axon M devices come with an available 2 year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and quality. Your warranty period starts from the date of purchase or from the manufacturing date if no proof of purchase is available. If you discover your device is defective please contact the ZTEUSA hotline 1-800-617-5065 regarding troubleshooting and warranty support processes.

2. Required Registrations

The following benefits are available ONLY to consumers who have registered their device ownership with ZTE PRIOR to requesting such benefits:

3. Advanced Exchange Service

ZTEUSA also provides the option for an “Advanced Exchange”. We will ship a replacement unit to you in advance provided you supply your credit card information to the ZTEUSA hotline representative and the representative confirms your defective device is within the  warranty period. If your defective device has not been returned to the ZTEUSA designated service provider within 25 days, you will be charged for an additional device. The original warranty period continues to apply regardless whether an advanced exchange has been executed. The warranty period does not start over with receipt of a replacement device.

The ZTEUSA hotline will provide free two-way shipping of the “advanced exchange” and returned devices provided your device has defects in workmanship and quality. A return shipping label will be provided with the advanced exchange unit. Please keep the original packaging material for the return of your defective device. You can it drop off at a FedEx location and use one of their free boxes. An additional fee of $10 will be charged for overnight shipping requests.

4. Axon M Set Up Service

The Axon M device comes with a free of charge “set up” assistance program for customers who have registered their device ownership prior to requesting set up assistance.  Please refer to zteusa.com for the device registration process and how to request the “set up” service.  Upon Customer Care receipt of set up request, ZTE will call to customer to ensure the proper set up of the device is performed, answer any questions about the features and functionality and insure the transfer is done with no issues. 

5. Replacement Assistance

For Axon M consumers who register, and have their phone lost or stolen or encounter warranty defects while traveling overseas, ZTE will reimburse them, up to $100 for the purchase of a new ZTE device acquired overseas as shown below:

While encountering problems overseas, customer should first call their Carrier for initial assistance.  Then, if necessary, call (1-800-617-5065) or Live Chat or email ZTEUSA,  go through troubleshooting and request a claim.  CSR issues a claim number and approves customer to buy a ZTE device.  Upon purchase, ZTE will provide an electronic gift card for their proof of purchase up to $100 USD. 

6. Premium Protection Plan

For Axon M consumers who register, ZTEUSA provides a free of charge Premium Protection Plan with the purchase of every Axon M device. This means there are no insurance premiums or monthly fees. The only cost to the consumer will be a deductible charge of up to $199.99 USD for each claim. The Premium Protection Plan covers incidental consumer damages related to handling issues such as accidental drop, minimal liquid exposure or overuse conditions (i.e. cracked LCD, some forms of water ingress, USB connector damage, etc.).

The coverage period for the Premium Protection Plan extends for 24 months from the original date of purchase. Policy coverage only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferrable to others. Please refer to the Premium Protection Plan for further details.

7. Out-of-Warranty Circumstances

If any one of the below circumstances applies to a consumer’s product, the Limited Warranty will not apply and the product should be considered for out of warranty service:

1. Beyond the duration of the Product warranty period.

2. Serial number is not clear, changed or damaged.

3. Warranty label or sealed label is removed, changed or damaged.

4. Services, repairs, software supplied or modifications have been performed by an unauthorized party.

5. Physical damage by misuse or incorrect operation.

6. Damage caused by not following the product manual; or usage out of the scope of working conditions stipulated in the product manual or instructions (including, but not limited to, exorbitant temperature, altitude, dampness or dryness, unsteadiness of electric current or voltage).

7. Damage resulting from Force Majeure.

8. The product has been resold to any subsequent purchaser/customer without written authorization from ZTEUSA.

9. The Product has been used with and/or connected with an accessory (i) not supplied by ZTEUSA, or (ii) not fit to be used with the Product, or (iii) in an unauthorized and/or inappropriate manner.

10. Damage caused by usage of pirated, improper or unauthorized software or improper settings of the software by end user which is not downloaded from ZTEUSA’s or Customer’s official website.

11. Damage caused by computer virus.

12. Damage caused by the end user’s forgetting either their password or a decryption method set by the end user himself.

13. Other damage which is not caused by design, manufacture, or technology of the products.

14. No warrantable defect can be verified by Service Provider (No Fault Found).

15. Not previously registered with ZTE (applies to free Set Up Assistance; Replacement Assistance; Premium Protection Plan; and Advanced Exchange Service in months 13-24