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ZTE Blade™ Z MAX

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SKU: Z982
Model Name: Z982

· Capture amazing shots with the 16 MP rear-facing camera and a second 2MP rear-facing camera for incredible image depth that you can refocus and edit before and after taking the photo.
· Snap the perfect and clear selfie with the sharp 8MP front-facing camera.
· Capture amazing moments like never before. With a lightning-fast autofocus camera, you can frame, take, and edit shots like a pro.

· The Blade Z Max provides up to 32GB of internal memory to store your precious photos, videos, music, and more.
· But if that isn’t enough, you can easily expand the memory with a 128GB microSD card.

· Talk, text, play and do more of what you love with the powerful 4080 mAh non-removable battery.
· The latest USB Type-C connectivity allowing you to quick charge with Qualcomm 2.0.

· Watch your screen come to life on the Full High-Definition (FHD) 6-inch display with scratch-resistance Dragontrail 2.5D glass.
· Whether it’s enjoying videos, checking Facebook® or swiping through a photo album, the ZTE Blade Z Max delivers a bigger experience every time.

Shipping Note Free Standard Shipping
Type Smartphone
Form Factor Candy Bar
Height 6.54"
Width 3.33"
Depth 0.33"
Weight 6.17 oz
Physical Size 6.0"
Resolution: Width 1080
Resolution: Height 1920
Technology Full HD IPS LCD
Display 2.5D Dragontrail™ Glass
OS Android 7.1.1 (Nougat)
Main Resolution 16MP + 2MP Dual Rear Camera with PDAF
Video Capture 1080p | 30 FPS
Front-Facing Resolution 8MP
CPU 1.4 GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ MSM8940
Capacity 4080 mAh
Talk Time* up to 31 hours
Standby Time* up to 528 hours
Internal 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM
Expandable microSD™ support up to 128 GB
Modes GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 | HSPA 850/1900/AWS LTE Cat 6 B2/B4/B5/B12/B66 | 2CA
Bluetooth 4.2
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
USB Type-C with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0
Headset Jack 3.5mm
Sound Technology Dolby® Surround (DS1)
Sensors Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope & Fingerprint
Hearing Aid Compliance M4/T3
Text Telephone (TTY) Compatibility Yes

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Not pleased Review by Kat
Zte Blade zMax I have had less than 1 year & I have lost some info from my phone, plus my home charger broke on me in abt 6 mths & now I have to bend the charger & hold it so it will charge (Posted on 11/24/2018)
Sucks Review by Tiffany
I have had all these phones and seems to me this is the worst, I cannot stand this phone, it's delayed, freezes and does not work properly, it works when it wants to. I'm really upset that I'm stuck with this phone and you all expect me to pay for yet another one when you should just send me out a new phone. It has never worked properly. (Posted on 11/23/2018)
Outstanding phone !!! :) Review by Steve
I have had "0" problems with this phone !
My roommate even bought one because of how incredible it is. My only complaint is the microphone circuit or software is terrible for video recording simple live music even at low volumes. I even tried after market mics, but no improvement. This is the ONLY issue I have. I love this phone and I do recommend it ! :) (Posted on 11/5/2018)
Caveat Emptor Review by Dave
Joined a family plan with our provider. 3 of the 4 of us got these phones. Was excited about the larger size for us older folks. Having had this phone now for 6 months, it's terrible! Dropped calls, missing texts, freezes up, seems to connect to a network and function when it wants to. I.E. nothing for hours and then all of a sudden, 5 texts and missed calls, emails blow up. Now it's continuously dropping bluetooth. Will be listening to music and it drops the signal. Music is still playing on the phone, headset is on. Parents phones have been nothing but problems since they got them. Very disappointed in this new Blade Max. My old ZTE phones never gave me problems other than me breaking them all the time from me being in the construction industry. (Posted on 10/20/2018)
great phone Review by DaMarius
phone been working great until i recently updated it. now i cant open the stock camera without getting a message saying "camera disabled due to security policies" ive tried factory resetting it but the message still pops up (Posted on 9/30/2018)
Best phone I've ever owned!! Review by William
Blows every single iPhone I have paid for, totally out of the water, hands down! I paid hundreds of dollars for years and years on low quality iPhones and useless android products! Finally, a phone worth owning and paying the very small price for. I will say, when I received my Z982 from METROPCS, I was very unhappy and confused to how slow it ran and how it was constantly needing to reboot just to make a phone call... I spent a few weeks struggling with a useless piece of crap in the condition it was presented to me. However, not being a newbie to tech... I sat out to learn every single available ounce of information pertaining to my phone. I totally wiped it, not just to factory reset, but down to the original bootloader and completed a full factory reset and instantly seen a world of difference in how quick and amazing my new phone really is! I have not had one more second of trouble or any issues with the phone or it's operating since then. I hope that this can help some folks with whatever issues they might be having, because I promise you, this phone is way faster and more reliable than my iPhone 6 or 6Plus either one was!!!! You need to fix the phone instead of complaining about it.... you won't find a better phone on the market and especially not for the price!!! (Posted on 8/30/2018)
About to have to order my 3rd replacement phone??!! ABSOLUTELY THE MOST HORRIBLE PHONE I'VE EVER OWNED! Review by Shayla
OMG where to begin! I'll start with being EXTREMELY pissed off that I've only owned this POS phone since the end of February & have already needed 2 replacement phones. And about to go back to Metro AGAIN to order yet another replacement for this POS phone! Not to mention I've also had to replace my daughter's phone also a ZTE Blade Z Max once as well, due to it overheating and freezing.
My 1st replacement was because it wouldn't enable JavaScript even though it's was turned on, and not even Metro could figure out why SMH. It was also freezing up all the time. 2nd replacement was due to overheating as well as it freezing up & constantly saying "apps not responding". When typing in the Google search bar, searching contacts, it any other text input, it lags behind at least 70% of the time... This had been with both replacements as well as the original purchased phone. Now my current phone freezes, the screen won't turn on sometimes and stays completely black, even if I call it from another phone the screen still won't come on. It won't come on with the fingerprint scanner, the side power button, plugging it into the charger nothing.
It also removes my personally chosen screen savers and replaces mine with the default one it came with? Like really?! If it's not one thing it's something else with this damn phone! I'm not into all the smart phone extras, the most popular phone and frankly feel like I could seriously do without a phone sometimes. But unfortunately I just can't get by without one. That being said, it honestly doesn't take very much in a phone to please me. I had my LG G Stylo for over 2 years, NEVER had any problems and stupidly decided to buy a ZTE Blade Z Max. Biggest mistake I could make and soooo regret it! The other huge issue I have and don't think is fair, is the fact that I have to keep paying Metro a $16 fee for replacement phones, when I didn't damage it in the 1st place. How does that make any sense at all??? Yeah it's only $16, but it adds up. And I'm constantly putting more money into a piece of junk phone. Starting to think these phones are purposely manufactured with defects so consumers have to keep handing over their money to the makers of ZTE phones. The ringtones, alarms ect. are wayyy too quiet if you actually wanna hear your phone ring with other normally occurring noises, or wake up when the alarm goes off. The only good thing with this phone is the camera is pretty good and it's a big phone. Bottom line 3 replacement phones, soon to be 4 in less then 6 months, UNACCEPTABLE! ZTE Blade Z Max NOT recommend!!!!!!! (Posted on 7/2/2018)
Great Phone for the Price Review by JeffreyS
I don't know why there are so many negative reviews about this phone. I have had mine from MetroPCS for almost a year now, and it works great. I have always had issues with bloatware, so I added a 32GB SD card and I NEVER run out of storage space for anything.
Call quality on the phone is clear with no distortion. The battery life is great - I am not constantly using the phone, but I can go for more than a day on a full charge without a problem. The WIFI keeps a constant connection with good up and download speeds. The display is bright, the colors beautifully saturated, and photos that I have taken both inside and outside are spectacular - they actually sometimes look BETTER than real life.
I have loaded this phone with tons of apps and have had no problems running multiple apps at once.
I love the fingerprint sensor for security. Another feature that is built-in is that that phone requires not only the fingerprint scan (if you set that up) but also a PIN number when you restart the phone to prevent someone from stealing the phone and simply restarting it.
The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is because occasionally, when I try to install a new app in the Play Store, it stalls and I have to reboot the phone. However, this may be an issue with my SD memory card, so I can't completely blame the phone as I have new apps install to the external card.
All in all, I can't find fault with this phone. It's big, bright, fast, and reasonably priced. (Posted on 6/15/2018)
Tf Review by Joey
This thing gets you stoked to buy it. But once you buy it you immediately regret it.. It constantly freezes up and just has a mind of its own and is the most frustrating thing to deal with ever in this world. You instantly want to take the phone and bash Tf out it because it doesn't work for sh*t.. (Posted on 6/12/2018)
Tf Review by Joey
This thing gets you stoked to buy it. But once you buy it you immediately regret it.. It constantly freezes up and just has a mind of its own and is the most frustrating thing to deal with ever in this world. You instantly want to take the phone and bash Tf out it because it doesn't work for sh*t.. (Posted on 6/12/2018)

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