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Axon/Axon Pro

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Oh, Snaps!

Axon has all of the camera options you asked for, and some you never imagined. Take high-quality photos with its dual-lens camera, which gives you quick auto focus to capture the action as it happens. Shoot 4K HD videos. Or use the smile-activated front-facing camera to step up your selfie game.

This Phone Is Your Jam

Whether you're listening to music on a run, at the gym or at home, nothing sounds better than Hi-Fi audio, especially through the amazing JBL in-ear headphones that come with every Axon.

Hi-Fi audio playback

Axon’s amazing high-fidelity sound playback gives your music fuller, louder and purer sound quality than ever before.

Hi-Fi recording

Twin microphones, along with some of the best in noise suppression technology, help eliminate background and wind noise when recording concert videos and voice calls.

Made with you in mind

Beauty. And a total beast. Inspired by your suggestions, Axons super-simplified Android interface pairs full-bleed images with large, elegant type for a high-end look and feel. It also comes with 4GB memory and a large battery for all-around high per- formance under the hood. Your understated, yet instantly recognizable sense of style is all over Axon, including a sleek metallic body and signature grill design.

Available in three colors

  • Phthalo
  • Ion

Z Tray

The intuitive interface that displays what's important and hides what isn't.

Preloaded Apps

Azumio & Rock My Run

Powered by
Qualcomm Snapdragon

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, the "ultimate connected computing processor," with its computing power, speed and leading modem capabilities, is designed to enable the most advanced connected mobile user experiences, including streaming HD video, sharing top-quality digital photos, online 3D gaming, and virtually seamless communications, along with outstanding battery life for premium smartphones like the Axon.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Running on Axon Pro

Experience the power of Mashmallow on the Axon Pro. From new features such as Doze, Now on Tap, App Standby and a redesigned app drawer among others, Marshmallow delivers several enhancements that make the Axon Pro just that much better.


Even the best phones aren't invincible. If life takes a toll on your Axon, ZTE has you covered, with the world's best mobile protection plan: Passport 2.0

Axon Passport costs you nothing to take advantage of, and offers:

  • 30-day risk-free trial

  • Full two-year warranty

  • Free advanced exchanges

  • Free two-way shipping

  • Unlimited out-of-warranty repairs

  • Upgrade Assistance

  • Replacement Assistance

  • Setup Service

* Click here for more details about Axon Passport. 

Special VIP hotline number

Special Gift, Just for you

Buy Axon Pro today and receive the JBL E13 in-ear headphones at no additional charge.


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Axon Pro

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Axon Pro (32G): Get this phone for as low as $0.00 down and $22 per month*

Axon: Get this phone for as low as $0.00 down and $18 per month*

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