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AT&T Avail™ 2

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SKU: Z992
Stay connected and productive with AT&T Avail™ 2, a fast Android™ smartphone with a 2-megapixel camera, Google™ and AT&T app integration, top-notch multitasking capability, and tons of other handy features for your day-to-day life.
Stay connected and productive with AT&T Avail™ 2, a fast Android™ smartphone with a 2-megapixel camera, Google™ and AT&T app integration, top-notch multitasking capability, and tons of other handy features for your day-to-day life.
Type Smartphone
Form Factor Candy Bar
Height 4.6"
Width 2.44"
Depth 0.45"
Weight 4.4 oz
Color Black
Physical Size 3.5"
Resolution: Width 320
Resolution: Height 480
Technology TFT
OS Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Main Resolution 2 MP
Video Capture VGA
Capacity 1500 mAh
Talk Time* Up to 5 hours
Standby Time* Up to 380 hours
Internal 524MB RAM + 4GB ROM
Expandable MicroSD™ card, up to 32 GB
Frequencies WCDMA 850MHz,1900MHz HSDPA GSM 850MHz,1900MHz
Bluetooth 3.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Mobile Hotspot Yes
GPS Available
Headset Jack 3.5mm
Audio Format AAC, MP3, M4A, 3GA, AMR, OGG, QCP, MID
Video Format 3GP, MP4, M4V, WEBM
Features SMS: Threaded SMS
Hearing Aid Compliance M3/T4
Text Telephone (TTY) Compatibility Yes

Customer Reviews

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ok Review by ahmed
good for its pric (Posted on 9/10/2015)
Good Starter Phone Review by Tyler
I originally bought this phone due to my Galaxy s3 being broken. I wanted a phone that i would not be alot of money. I came across the ZTE Avail 2. It looked like a good phone to use. I bought it. I really like it because it can do the simplest things. Web Browsing, Social Media, App downloading and other things. I think this would be a good phone for people who don't want an expensive Galaxy s6 or a new iPhone 6 plus. I also really like the 2GB of memory space. that gives me enough space to take pictures, download apps and everything else i need too! (Posted on 5/27/2015)
Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by Alison
Slow as hell! Wont sync my pictures onto my computer, Touchy as hell, and to top it off it WONT CONNECT TO MY WIFI! WORST PHONE EVER! DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER FOR A MOMENT BUYING THIS PIECE OF SHIZ! Honestly wish i could give it a lower rating than 1 star even 0 tbh (Posted on 5/15/2015)
nice smartphone Review by dorothie
sorry only two stars it is a good phone but if you have an eye condition it will aggervated it .otherwise a good phone for a smart phone . (Posted on 4/8/2015)
Terrible Review by Lisa
I bought the phone because it was on sale for $50 and I wanted a smartphone for the internet at first it worked great then after about 4 months i was having to charge the battery more,and it would go to airplane mode on its on, and now I am having to charge the phone at least 5-6 times a day I have to take my charger with me where ever I go and the charger doesn't work half of the time.
(Posted on 2/26/2015)
GOOD ENTRY DEVICE, but very buggie phone until you understand the value! GIVE IT A CHANCE THOUGH! Review by Joe K.
I'm not here to complain, I'm just stating facts & this is my review of a few products we own. Also, remember, most cases its not a bad device, its mostly user error or miss use or lack of knowledge about how to use a device. Let alone, most people Don't even pick up the users manual to learn what the device is capable of! Or they purchase a $50 device & expect it to replace their $600 iPhone or Galaxy! So, read on, I hope this helps both the buyers & the manufacture.......
I guess u get what u pay for. The cell is an OK starter phone, but if u owned nicer ones with dual cores & more ram & much higher hard installed memory, then this phone is not for u! I purchased this because I did not have the money at the time to replace my iPhone so I purchased this because it was only $50 on sale and I figured it would do the job for now. Its fine if u Dont multitask or download a lot of apps or over work the device. I could deal with all that but there are very strange bugs with the phone that make it unusable at times & there is no excuse for that. Maybe I just got a bad unit, but since I read other peoples reviews, I see now that I'm not crazy or that it not just the user causing the problems. Most cases I find that people bash a device & its usually their own incompatance & not the device, so I give the benefit of the doubt to the device. Well in this case, what u read in the reviews about the complaints & bugs with this device, its all true. It does lag, freeze, will not accept apps, freeze on calls & buttons quit responding during calls & some times u or the other person just can't hear you. I also have a ZTE MODEL# Z768G & I DONT HAVE MUCH BETTER THINGS TO SAY ABOUT IT EITHER! Both are very slow & this one also will only let u download a few medium sized apps before it tells you that your out of room to download anymore apps! So, just spend the extra $100 on one of their other devices or at the very least one with a dual core & at least 1Gb of usable internal hard memory. Then their cells are great. I purchased one that cost $125 at Radio Shack for a gift for my niece & she loves it! I even tested it and it was like night & day. Their an OK newer company (to the cell market I mean), just understand what to expect given the amount of money u r going to invest. Ohhh, one last thing, we did purchase 2 of the ZTE Z992 VAIL 2's and the other one my wife carries as a backup emergency cell & she also only uses that line for adds we place in the paper, so my issue with it was that within the first week the screen started to crack in a small place! Then as days went on, with very light use, the crack got worse and worse and even separated all over! It still works but the touch area is no longer accurate. Were nursing it along for now but the phone was never dropped or miss used! She is so gentle on all of her gadgets & this phone never really left her desk. Not even placed in her purse or pocket! We just watched it get worse and worse. Very strange? I did look at it under a electronic microscope & it appears that when they mounted the outer glass, there was a twist and uneven placement when they put it together. The adhesive must be so strong that it did not allow it to settle in correctly and that's why with just normal pressure caused by use, it cracked. Ohh well, at least it still works & the price was right. So if u just want a phone and not a droid with all the bells & whistles, then theses are great phones otherwise. The more expensive z models are much better. I'm going to write GREAT REVIEWS ABOUT THE OTHER 3 NEW ZTE CELLS THAT WE JUST PURCHASED FOR OUR EMPLOYEES BECAUSE THEY ARE GREAT. So, give the company a chance, think before u buy. I may write them to see if they will at least stand behind their WARRENTY on one of these to see how they handle it. I may follow up on my non profit web site with the story on how it goes. Aeio4u.com and then we might try to get my affiliate
(youshopall.com) to carry more ZTE devices based on their customer service. Thanks, God bless, Joe K. (Posted on 1/18/2015)
Very capable phone for the price! Review by Luis
I purchased this phone during spring break, in Miami Florida because my primary phone got water damaged. I needed a temporary smartphone-capable device with a low-end price tag. The Avail 2 is just that. It is unfortunate that the first three reviewers had such an unpleasant experience with this phone. My experience has been the exact opposite. The phone has never died on me, never had to do a factory reset. It is slow to load pages and toggle through apps but that's expected for a phone in this class. You get what you pay for. This phone is incomparable to an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S4. That's like trying to compare a Ford Fiesta with a luxury car. I believe I pad $30 or $40 for it (I spend double that in 3 hours at a bar). For the price, this phone lets to access the Google play store, access email, browse the internet, aside from its standard phone functions. It is by no means a fast phone.. again you get what you pay for. Considering the price and its capabilities, this is a great deal. (Posted on 12/18/2014)
Goes into airplane mode on it own Review by Bob
Phone AT&T z992 purchased about two months ago from Oceanside AT&T, returned to that store three times and finely was told I would have to take it to AT&T store forty miles away in San Diego to get it fixed. Two weeks ago I drove there and they suggested that factory reset would fix it. It still go into airport mode while I'm talking that stopes the call and I have call them back. Talk to AT&T who told me to talk to zteusa so I did. If I send it in they exchange it for new one. But since I've been to the AT&T store I've cracked the thin pvc face right where you push the green button to unlock it. Zteusa will fix the face for only $62. I only paid $80 for the cheap phone. I guest I should of gone with the iPhone it doesn't have these problems. (Posted on 11/1/2014)
Horrible Review by Lisa
This is the worst phone I have ever owned. Phone routinely locks up, apps randomly stop working. Have to do a factory reset about every other week. Was smart enough to buy the extended warranty. Have had to have the phone replaced 5 times since original purchase on 3/21/2014. (Posted on 10/1/2014)
Terrible Review by Jagfan605
Phone insanely slow and will at random close out of apps. and now my keyboard app wont work (Posted on 9/7/2014)

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Support Overview

Check out the latest support materials here for your device.

Download user manuals, read FAQs, and upgrade your device's software.

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    How can I share my contacts with another phone?

    In the "People" (Contacts) application, touch the Menu key at the bottom right of the phone, then choose "Multi-Select" from the menu. Select the contact(s) you want to share, touch "Share" and then one of any of the following: "Bluetooth", "Email", "Gmail", or "Messaging".

    How can I add another email account on the phone?

    Open Settings, touch "+ Add account", then "Email" and follow the prompts.

    How can I delete an email account on the phone?

    Open Settings and touch "Apps" under DEVICE, touch the application that you want to delete, then touch "Uninstall". Please note that the system programs cannot be uninstalled.

    How do I change the default search engine in the browser?

    Open the browser and touch the menu icon at the bottom right to pop up the menu. Touch "Settings", then "Advanced" and then "Set search engine". You'll see the list of search engines to choose from.

    How can I set up speed dial?

    Open the dial pad and touch the Menu key at the bottom right of the phone. Choose "Speed dial setting". Choose a key, touch "Set speed dial contact", then touch the contact you want for that key.

    Is there any limit to the number of browsing windows I can have open at one time?

    Theoretically the Android system supports multiple browsing windows with no limitation. However, opening many at the same time will take up space in system memory which may affect the running speed of other applications.

    Can I use voice commands?

    Yes, you can using the Voice Search application. When it says "Speak now", speak out a command such as "Call (contact name)" or "Open (Application name)". Note: The phone must have an internet connection and data service for this to work.

    How can I back up my data?

    You can back up your data through your Google account or you can use third party PC software.

    Can I change the input method/keyboard?

    Yes. Open Settings, scroll down and touch "Language & input", then choose a method under KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS.
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    How can I save battery power and maximize standby time?

    Turn off some things you aren't using that use up power.
    1. You can disable GPS by opening Settings, then touch "Location Services" and uncheck "GPS satellites".
    2. You can disable the applications which you don't use very frequently, thus saving power, releasing memory and improving the running speed of applications. To stop an application that is running in the background, open Settings, touch "Apps", touch the name of the application and then "Force stop".
    3. You can stop the LED from blinking when there are missed calls or unread messages. To do this, touch "Display" and uncheck "Pulse notification light".
    4. You can disable the data connection to prevent producing unnecessary network traffic when you don't need to connect to the internet. Open Settings, touch "Mobile networks", then uncheck the box for "Data enabled".
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    How can I transfer files to another mobile phone over Bluetooth?

    First, turn on Bluetooth in Settings and pair with the other phone. Next, open the File Manager application and locate the file(s) that you want to transfer. Touch the menu key in the lower right of the phone to pop up a menu, touch Multi-Select, select the file(s), touch Share, then touch Bluetooth and follow the prompts.

    How can I connect to WiFi?

    Open Settings and slide the WiFi button to ON. Next, touch "WiFi" and it will automatically look for available networks. Select the desired wireless network, input the password if needed and touch Connect.

    How can I turn on data so that I can log in to the internet?

    First, please make sure you have data in your plan with your mobile phone carrier. Open Settings, touch "Data usage" under WIRELESS & NETWORKS, then slide the on/off button next to "Mobile data" to ON.

    Will the phone switch to network mode if the WiFi signal disappears?

    Yes, the phone will automatically switch to the mobile network when the WiFi signal is weak or disappears. If are worried about paying for data, you can disable data in Settings so that it won't do data traffic over the mobile network.
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    How can I export photos stored on the SD card to a PC?

    Connect your mobile phone to the PC with a USB cable. On the phone, select "Media device (MTP)" in the options list. Now you can see your phone's internal storage and SD card storage on your PC. You can access them as if they were a USB flash drive and export/import your photos. For MAC OS you can go to www.android.com/filetransfer to read the information you need for transferring.

    Where are the pictures and videos taken with the camera saved?

    Open the File Manager application. Drop down the menu at the top left of the screen and choose the external SD card memory or the internal phone memory. Touch the folder named "DCIM" and then "Camera".

    Will the camera adjust to lighting conditions?

    Yes. When White balance is set to Auto, the camera will automatically detect the lighting condition and adjust the brightness.
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    How can I quickly quiet an incoming call and enable vibration?

    Press the volume down key down all the way until the phone vibrates and the icon changes. Another way is to press the power key until a pop-up menu is displayed and you can choose vibrate or silent mode there.


    AT&T Avail 2 User Manual (English - PDF - 2.05MB)


    AT&T Avail 2 User Manual (Spanish - PDF - 1MB)


    AT&T Avail 2 Quick Start Guide (English - PDF - 7.07MB)


    Software Updates

    SD card upgrade (4/29/16)(214KB)


    AT&T Avail Software Update (5/2/16)(392MB)


    Contact Support

    If you have questions about how to use ZTE mobile devices or your device needs repair services, please contact our services hotline or email for more information.

    Service Hotline: 877-817-1759
    Hotline Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am - 9pm (CST)
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