Verizon Jetpack™ 890L


The Jetpack 890L is a Global Ready 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot. Harnessing the power of the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, the Jetpack allows customers to share blazing fast internet connectivity with up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The compact Jetpack comes equipped with an OLED screen and interactive keypad to help manage connections and settings and to display data usage alerts. Consumers and international business travelers alike can enjoy Web access in more than 205 countries, including more than 125 with 3G speeds, on their Wi-Fi-enabled devices using the Jetpack to watch movies, listen to music and conduct business.

Hot Features


  • 4G LTE Data Speed
  • OLED display with interactive keypad


Other Key Features


  • Mobile Hot Spot
  • Support for up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices


Customer Reviews

very satisfied. Review by Judith A
I live in a very rural area and get great service from my "jetpack". (Posted on 11/23/2014)

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Hotspot Design Type Mobile Broadband
Form Factor Mobile Hotspot
Height 3.5”
Width 3.5”
Depth 0.71”
Weight 4.79 oz
Color Black
Operating System OS No
Systems Supported Compatibility With All Major Operating Systems
Battery Capacity 1700 mA
Use Time 4 Hours
Standby Time* 48 Hours

*Actual times vary because some features & applications may use more power

Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth No
Security Encryption WEP/WPA/WPA2

Support Overview

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How to power on the 890L

Slide the Power Switcher toON. The Verizon banner will be displayed, while the device is booting up. “Checking SIM” will be displayed. The SSID and Password will be displayed. The Connection Status will be displayed. The SSID and Password will be re-displayed and remain there until the “OK” button is selected. The device displays the home screen.

How to power off the 890L

Slide the Power Switch to the “OFF” position. The device displays “Powering off” until the shutdown sequence is complete.
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The screen turns off after my device has been charging for a while

When there is no user connected to the 890L for a period of time or any key presses, the device will enter sleep mode and the screen will turn off. A Short press of theOKkey will wake up the device.

Why does the device UI sometimes display Connecting status for a long time after I clicked “Check New”?

Due to varying Network conditions that may result in difficulty connecting to the Network/OTADM server, we designed a 5 minute protection mechanism. The device UI will display “Connecting”. If the device cannot connect with Network/Server after 5 minutes, the device UI will display “SERVER UNAVAILABLE”. Selecting OK will return to “Check New” interface.

When I clicked “Check New” on the device, how can I cancel the subsequent operations?

When the device is in “Connecting” state after clicking “Check New”, you can move the power key to “off” and the device will power off immediately to cancel the operation.
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How to charge your device

You can charge your device by using a micro USB cable or wall charger. Insert the wall charger into a working electrical outlet OR Insert USB cable into powered USB port on laptop or PC AND Properly insert the micro USB connection into the 890L.
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How to establish a connection between my Device and the Client

Power on your device. It will take 1~2 minutes to initialize. Use your normal Wi-Fi application on your computer to establish a connection to your device. Look for the network (SSID) named “Verizon-890L-xxxx” and “xxxx” varies from device to device.This can be found on the back of the device or from the UI as per #5 Click Connect and enter the default password printed on the back of your device. The password can also be found in the UI as per #6 Wait a moment, the connection between your device and the client will be established successfully.

How to access the Internet

Switch on the device. Establish a connection between your device and the client as per #11 After successfully establishing the connection, access the Internet in theAuto ConnectorManual Connectmode as set in the Web UI. The default mode isAuto Connect.
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Software & Apps

Supported browsers for logging into the WebUI

IE (7.0 or later) Firefox (3.0 or later) Opera (10.0 or later) Safari (4.0 or later) Chrome (5.0 or later)
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How to change the Web UI Password

Log into the Web UI as per Q15, selectBasic Setup→Password, ChangePassword, clickApplyto confirm after finished changing the password. A message will popup indicating the password was successfully changed.

Default SSID, Password and Encryption Mode for the 890L

TheDefault SSID isVerizon-890L-XXXX(the last 4 digits of MAC address),initial encryption mode of Wi-Fi isWPA2-PSK. User can get initial password from the device display while powering on or in SSID information menu.

How to change the SSID

Log inWeb UI.Go toWi-Fi Settings→Basic. Go to the SSID field and enter the information you want. ClickApply. The device will restart. Now you will see the new SSID being transmitted using PC wireless card manager.You must select the new SSID to connect to the 890L


Verizon Jetpack(TM) 890L User Guide (English - PDF - 3.31MB)

Download User Guide

Software Updates

Verizon Jetpack(TM) 890L Driver for Mac (ZIP - 433KB)

Download Driver for Mac

Verizon Jetpack(TM) 890L Driver for Windows (ZIP - 417KB)

Download Driver for Windows

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