Cricket Score™


The Cricket Score™ operates on the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread OS platform. Enjoy the latest in Smartphone technology with enhanced Google features and functions. The Android market currently has more free apps than any other operating system. The Cricket Score™ comes preloaded with Muve Music, Cricket 411, Mobile Web, MyAccount™, MyBackup™, PhotoBucket™, Poynt ™ and Storefront.<br /> The Cricket Score™ a smartphone loaded with features at a value price!

Key Features

  • Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread OS - Enjoy enhanced Google features and functions with the new Gingerbread OS
  • MUVE Music - Access to Millions of songs to download to your phone, My DJ creates a personalized playlist, Unlimited ringtones and ringback tones Music Player 
  • Portable music player that supports background music playing and user configurable playlist (Supports Audio Formats: 3g2, mid, mp3, mp4, qcp)

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Design Type Smartphone
Form Factor Candy Bar
Color Black
Display Physical Size 3.5”
Technology QVGA TFT Capacitive Touch
Platform OS Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Camera Main Resolution 3.2 MP
Features Fixed Focus
Video Capture Camcorder MPEG4 (15fps QVGA)
Processor CPU Qualcomm MSM7627 chip 600MHz Dual ARM Processor
Battery Wireless Charging No

*Actual times vary because some features & applications may use more power

Memory Internal Flash/RAM 512 MB
Expandable Supports up to 32 GB microSD card
Networks Frequencies 1xRTT / EVDO rA Cell/PCS/AWS
Connectivity Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Mobile Hotspot No
Headset Jack 3.5mm
Audio & Video Audio Format 3g2, mid, mp3, mp4, qcp
Accessory Compatibility Hearing Aid Compliance M4/T3
Text Telephone (TTY) Compatibility Yes

Support Overview

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Need Warranty Support?

For warranty support of your Cricket device, please contact Cricket directly at:

1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or 611 from your phone

or go to


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How do I turn on and turn off the X500 Smart Phone?

Long press the Power key until the power-on animation appears; under power-on status, long press the Power key and confirm to turn it off.

What kind of input methods does the X500 Smart Phone support? How do I change them?

The phone supports Android keyboard and XT9 text input method. Long press the text input area, tap “Input method” under “Edit text” and then select “Android keyboard” or“XT9 Text Input”.

How do I switch to the sleep mode in the X500 Smart Phone?

After entering the standby mode for a while, the phone will automatically switch to the sleep mode; or you can short press the Power key to turn off the screen and enter the sleep mode.

How do I backup my data?

If the operators have customized PC software, then users can directly backup the data through PC software; if not, users can generally backup and restore the data through other third-party software.

How do I backup and restore contacts in the X500 Smart Phone?

Enter Contacts, and then select “Import/Export” to pop up a dialog box, including: Import from SD card, Export to SD card, Share visible contacts. When you want to backup the contacts, select “Export from SD card” save to an SD card. When you want to reclaim previously backed up contacts, just select “Import from SD card” and select the contacts to import.

How do I restore the factory settings on the X500 Smart Phone?

A lot of minor issues regarding the handset can be resolved through restoring of the factory settings. Go to Settings—privacy—Factory data reset, select “Reset Phone” and click the pop-up icon “Erase everything”. The reset process takes about one minute and after that the handset will be restarted and stop on an English interface. Remove the battery, reinstall the battery, then turn on the handset.

How do I forward text messages using the X500 Smart Phone?

Please hold the text message that you want to forward for 2 seconds to display a menu option, and select “Forward” to forward the text message.
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How do I light up the screen when the X500 Smart Phone is in idle screen?

Simply press the Power key to light up the screen. In order to avoid the accidental light-up caused by inadvertent operations and prolong the standby battery life, any key wakeup function is not available.

Does the X500 Smart Phone have short-range sensor?

Yes, it has. The sensor is mainly used to automatically turn off the LCD screen to save the battery power and avoid inadvertent operations during calls.

How do I move or delete the icons on the desktop on the X500 Smart Phone?

Hold the icon that you want to remove for at least 2 seconds, and then you will feel that the handset vibrate, which means the icon has been selected, and drag this icon to a new position. If you drag it to the trash at the lower part of the screen, then the icon will be deleted. This operation can also move the icon in the menu to the desktop.

How do I arrange the desktop icons and self-define the desktop wallpaper on the X500 Smart Phone?

In idle mode, long press the empty space on the desktop for about 2 seconds to pop up a menu option, such as: Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders, Wallpapers, etc.
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How do I set the ring tone for text message in the X500 Smart Phone?

Firstly enter the text message interface, press the Menu button, tap Settings to display a menu option, and select “Select ringtone” to set the ring tone for text message.
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What is the maximum capacity of SD card that X500 Smart Phone supports?

The X500 supports SD cards with a capacity up to 32GB.

The available internal memory is only 114MBs vs. the stated 256MB. What is the cause?

The Android operating system occupies some memory space as well as the preset software and applications.This varies according to the actual applications installed.
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How do I open U disk function of the X500 Smart Phone?

Connect the phone to the PC through the data cable. As “USB connected” appears at the top of LCD, use your fingers to pull down the top, tap “USB connection” and then select “Mount USB”.

Does the X500 Smart Phone support Bluetooth?

Yes. Simply connect the phone to your Bluetooth headset via “Bluetooth settings” under “Wireless & networks” settings.

Will the X500 Smart Phone switch to wireless Internet access connection if there is no WIFI signal?

Yes. As the WIFI signal is weak, the phone will automatically switch to CDMA or 3G network. This may be disabled in the “Wireless & networks” settings.

How many Bluetooth devices can the X500 Smart Phone connect to at the same time?

Theoretically, the number of connected Bluetooth devices is unlimited, however only one Bluetooth device can be connected to the phone for data transmission.

Will the Wi-Fi network stay connected when the X500 Smart Phone is in sleep mode?

In sleep mode, Wi-Fi network won’t stay connected, but the phone will normally connect to the original access point after it wakes up from the sleep mode.

How do I transmit files via Bluetooth function using the X500 Smart Phone?

In “Settings”---“Wireless & network”---“Bluetooth settings”, connect X500 Smart phone to another phone, select the file needed to transmit, press the menu button, and then select Bluetooth to transmit the file.

How do I use Wi-Fi on the X500 Smart Phone?

1:Enter “Settings”—“Wireless & networks”—“Wi-Fi settings”; 2:Tick Wi-Fi to automatically start searching Wi-Fi signal and prompt with the searched signals in current interface; 3:Tap the connection you want to use; 4:Input correct password if any; 5:The handset will prompt Wi-Fi connected, and the Wi-Fi icon appears in the position where shows signal and power. Up to now you can use Wi-Fi to log in the Internet.
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Software & Apps

Does the X500 Smart Phone support the expansion of JAVA applications?

No, it does not.

Does X500 Smart Phone support SD card upgrade?

Yes. For details, please refer to the guide documents that ZTE provided

How do I upgrade the software version of the X500 Smart Phone?

Currently you can upgrade the software through the SD card or a software update tool.

Does a driver need to be installed for the X500 Smart Phone to be used as U disk?

No driver needs to be installed.

What is “Android Market”?

The new Android Market is described as an “open content distribution system”. There you can search, purchase, download and install various Android apps for your X500 Smart Phone.

What is APK?

APK is short for Android Package, which is an Android installation package.

How do I install applications on the X500 Smart Phone?

You may search, purchase, download and install various Android apps for your X500 Smart Phone at the Android Market.

How do I remove the applications on the X500 Smart Phone?

Under the desktop state, go to “MENU”---“Settings”---“Applications”---“Manage applications” to find the application you want to delete, and then tap “Clear data” to remove the application.

How do I clear the cache on the X500 Smart Phone?

A:If your device’s performance begins to slow, you may empty the cache Go to “Settings”——“Applications”——“Manage applications” to find Browser, and click enter to clear the cache.

How do I confirm the currently running tasks in the handset and how to close tasks on the X500 Smart Phone.

Open main menu and go to “Advanced Task Manager” to check the currently running tasks in the handset, and close the unnecessary tasks.

How do I check the version of my X500 Smart Phone?

Enter Settings and click “About Phone” to display relevant information regarding the handset.
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How do I set unlock pattern of the X500 Smart Phone handset? And what should I do if I forget the unlock pattern?

Go to Menu—Settings—LOCATION & SECURITY—Set up screen lock to set the unlock pattern. If the unlock pattern is entered incorrectly 5 times in a row, the handset will tell you to continue to enter the unlock pattern after waiting 30 seconds.


Cricket Score(TM) User Manual (English - PDF - 968KB)

Download User Manual

Cricket Score(TM) User Manual (Spanish - PDF - 0.99MB)

Download User Manual

Software Updates

Cricket Score(TM) Driver for Windows (EXE - 10.3MB)

Download Driver for Windows

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