Cricket AC3781

The Cricket AC3781 modem provides affordable high speed wireless access to your computer anywhere you go. You can access email, Internet, text or instant messages and other applications when connecting it to your desktop or laptop computer. Its compact size is easy to carry around and you can use it in all Cricket Broadband coverage areas. The Cricket AC3781 modem offers you convenience, speed and power, so you can stay connected with your friends, family and the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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its three years old need one at home
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USB Hotspot Design Type Mobile Broadband
Form Factor USB Stick
Height 3.3"
Width 1.2"
Depth 0.56"
Weight 1.05 oz
Color Black and Green
Signal Indicator Indicator Connected to computer and detected network: Blue
Systems Supported Compatibility Mac OS, WIndows OS
Networks Frequencies Tri-Band
Data Speed 3G (EVDO REV0, REVA) & 1X
Connectivity Wi-Fi No

Support Overview

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Need Warranty Support?

For warranty support of your Cricket device, please contact Cricket directly at:

1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or 611 from your phone

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Is the modem compatible with Apple Mac?

Yes, the USB modem is compatible with Apple Mac computers with both PowerPC and Intel Processors running MacOS10.4.11to 10.6.3.

What types of computers is the AC3781 modem compatible with?

The quality of the AC3781USB Modem supports main prevailing types of laptops or portable computer, such as HP, IBM, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, Sony, etc.

How to activate the device after inserting

Insert the device. If the device is not activated, Click Cricket Broadband AC3781 to run the Connection Manager and the following dialogue box will be displayed: “Device is Not activated, Do you want to activate now?” Click “Activate” to active the device. After selecting Activate, the Connection Manager will start the activation process. After the activation is complete, you will be prompted to reset the device. Click OK and wait for the device to be reset (power cycled). Use the Connection Manager to connect to the web, send messages, etc.

Can I send SMS messages using the USB Modem?

Yes, simply open the application and select the Envelope icon at the bottom of the screen.

I get a notification, Message sent failed, what should I do?

The network is busy and other reasons. Solution:Try later.
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What’s the capacity does microSD card support of AC3781?

The maximum supported capacity is 32GB.
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When the Modem is being installed, the notebook cannot find it

1)   The installation programs of the USB modem haven't been installed properly Solution:Run the installation program, then connect the modem. If you use the Win XP operating system, install the drivers according to the Windows indication information to operate. 2)  The modem isn't connected well Solution:Restart the computer, or connect the modem again.

When opening the connection, a Firewall Security Alert appears, what should I do?

In order for the AC3781 software to work correctly, it must be allowed to connect through your firewall. Select the appropriate option for example Allow, unblock or Permit. If you require further information on how to configure your firewall to allow this application please contact the vendor of your firewall software.

The modem reports that it’s connecting at 3.1 Mbps, is this the true speed?

This message displays the Maximum connection speed of the device and not the actual Connection speed. A number of different factors, including signal Strength,3Gor Signal, and current network traffic can affect the actual speed you are receiving. To confirm your actual speed try searching the Internet for a broadband speed test.

Why did my data connection fail?

You are in the place where noCDMA 1X/ CDMA 1XEV-DOnetwork covered, such as underground parking lot, tunnel etc. Solution:Change to the place where having good signal. 2)   The network at this time in this place is busy now. Solution:Try later. 3)   The modem data is error. Solution:It is perhaps the network problem and please contact with the local supplier in time.

After restarted computer, there’s no signal all the time, why is that?

You are in the place where noCDMA 1X/ CDMA 1XEV-DOnetwork covered, such as underground parking lot, tunnel etc. Solution:Change to the place where having good signal 2)   The modem isn't connected well. Solution:Pull out and insert the modem cable safely again. The position of the USB modem inner antenna is unfitting. Solution:Adjust the angle of the USB modem inner antenna.
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Software & Apps

What are the minimum requirements needed to run the software?

The Minimum System requirements are as follows: - Windows® 2000 SP4 - Windows XP SP1 to SP3 - Windows Vista™ (32 bit & 64 bit) - Windows® 7 (32 bit & 64 bit) - Mac OS10.4.11to 10.6.3 (32 bit & 64 bit) Configuration (Recommended): - CPU Pentium-IV/1GHz - Hard Disk 16 GB (used for installation of application) - RAM1 GB - USB interface2.0 (USB1.0 and 1.1 compatible)

No CD in the Box, how can I install the Software?

Windows OS:
  1. Please connect the modem to the PC via the USB interface. You may use the optional data cable to allow optimal positioning to improve performance in marginal coverage areas.
The installation will run automatically, follow the wizard to complete the installation. a. Welcome to the Cricket Broadband AC3781 Setup Wizard. ClickNext. b. Select Destination Location. ClickNext. c. Select Start Menu Folder. The recommended default folder is:    Cricket Broadband AC3781. d. Ready to Install. ClickInstall. The system will automatically find new hardware and install the drivers. Select startup options (default = launch when device is inserted / now). ClickFinishto complete the installation and launch the application. Depending on selected startup options, manually launch the application by clicking theicon on the desktop or selectStartAll ProgramsCricket Broadband AC3781Cricket Broadband AC3781. MAC OS:
  1. Please connect the modem to the Mac via the USB interface. You may use the optional data cable to allow optimal positioning to improve performance in marginal coverage areas.
  2. ClickCricketicon on the desktop.
  3. Clickicon and run the Setup file.
  4. ClickContinue.
  5. ClickInstall.
  6. ClickRestart.

After inserting the Modem to Vista or Windows 7 , it warns that an unidentified program access. What should I do?

Windows Vista and Windows 7 contains Enhanced Security Features, which warn you when any application attempts to install. Please Select Allow to begin the Software installation.

Why the installation program won't not run automatically?

The system configuration is not suitable for the auto-run, Open the visual disc of the modem program and start the autorun.exe. If you have installed the other version of installation program please uninstall it firstly.

After full installation, what if the system doesn't install the driver properly?

Please install the driver program manually. The driver program can be found in the installation address.


Cricket AC3781 User Guide (English - DOC - 765KB)

Download User Guide

Software Updates

No updates are available at this time.

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